About Us

The FBPL has served African American and Minority business owners and professionals the last 49 years here in Fayetteville, NC. Embracing opportunities for future growth, the FPBL continues its aim to be a catalyst in the community by addressing issues that concern minority professionals and business owners when it comes to development and creation. Through workshops, networking, partnerships, and joint venture programs, members can take advantage of building business capacity, exposure, and contract opportunities throughout Fayetteville, Cumberland County and the state of North Carolina. 

Who we are

Our Philosophy

As Fayetteville’s premier organization for the empowerment of small business entrepreneurship for minorities, the League has strived to take an active role in the elimination of any marketplace gaps for minority-owned businesses and professionals. As we celebrate this significant time in our history, we continue to be dedicated to our goals of providing assistance and leadership to small minority businesses in Fayetteville and the surrounding area.

Our history

Founded off of the principles of the National Business League, founded in the 1900 by Booker T. Washington, The Fayetteville Business and Professional League was formed in 1968 by a group of African American business owners and professionals.  Their major goal was to include the minority business sector in the national economic priorities, not simply for its own benefit, but for the growth and stability of the national economy as well.  Just as the National Business League has been the nation’s oldest business and trade association, the Fayetteville Business and Professional league membership encompasses a broad spectrum of business enterprises ranging from international trading firms and high technology manufacturers to small retail and service-providing companies and sole proprietorships.

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Are you a minority business owner or professional? Do you need help with expanding your business or professional development?  Want to know what opportunities are available to you or your business?  Join the Fayetteville Business and Professional League now!

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